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Despite mass market products often homing in on Caucasian skin concerns, recent global research suggests that more than 82 percent of the worldwide population can be classified as persons of color. In the United States, the ratio between white and non-white skin is 50/50 and changing rapidly.

Although a U.S.-based enterprise, Bluefield Associates currently receives more revenue in export sales than it does from U.S. domestic volume. Its products are sold into markets around the world, ranging from Nigeria to Germany to The Caribbean. In the past decade, Bluefield Associates has been recognized for its exports, receiving two prestigious awards: the “IEIBA Exporter of the Year Award” and the “U.S. EX-IM Bank Export-Import Small Business Exporter of the Year” award.

More recently, Bluefield Associates has also promoted its successful lines into the United States and Canada, providing affordable, effective skincare solutions.

“The company has developed a unique, demographic cross-section of clients that include Hispanic, Asian and Indian customers, as well as those of African descent and skin composition,” says Obioha, adding it has “evolved into a trusted source of products and services for customers of varying skin shades.”

The future looks bright for Bluefield Associates and its Clear Essence brand as the population growth and wealth of its target market continues to show signs of strength. According to a report by Target Market News analyzing 2008 statistics, within the U.S. alone, African-American consumers possessed $803B in total earned income. This finding forecasts huge potential in the ethnic skincare channel.

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