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Bluefield Associates takes skincare for people of color seriously, carefully blending scientifically proven ingredients that work together to restore a more beautiful complexion. Thanks to the rigorous research and the science behind the formulations, today Clear Essence Skin Care System is the clear leader among its competitors as the most preferred skincare brand by people of color worldwide.

The words pheomelanin and eumelanin mean nothing to the average consumer, yet these chemicals play a major role in the science behind his or her skin. Those of Caucasian descent produce the former, while individuals with darker complexions—ranging from olive-tones through ebony-hues—produce the latter. The chemical makeup of each skin type translates into unique skin care needs and concerns.

Although all skin types can suffer from similar problems, such as dryness, people of color struggle in particular with water loss, easily observed as ashy skin. They also are prone to uneven skin tone and overproduction of melanin, a condition known as hyperpigmentation, which produces dark spots. And while all individuals fight against aging skin, eumelanin-producers must combat against both fine lines and skin discolorations simultaneously.

Recognizing the physical and physiological differences between the two types of skin, and the historical lack of effective products available to those with darker tones, Ontario, CA-based Bluefield Associates has proven itself as a pioneer in the ethnic skin care market. What started out as an operation for consumers of African descent in Sub-Saharan Africa has now grown into a global endeavor embraced by multiple races of darker complexion.

Operating under the brand Clear Essence, the company has met the skin care needs of eumelanin-producing individuals all over the globe through a dual approach of personal care and problem solving. It is a marriage of science and beauty, carefully conceived through the collaboration of multiple industry experts passionate about bringing effective, desirable products to an untapped market.

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